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tv   11 News Today  NBC  November 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> the murder of a corrections officer and barricade situation. how police think they are connected. next. >> patdowns and protests. how fed up fliers could stharl airports. >> a couple of explosive plays from the defense has the ravens flying high. we will have the highlights. >> we will look at the upcoming thanksgiving forecast as "11 news today" continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning, i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for "11 news today." tony pann has a check of the forecast. >> this is going to seem like two different days. this morning it is murky,
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drizzly and cloudy. by the afternoon it will be pretty decent with sun. may slow things down for the commute. even a little bit of fog or drizzle will do that. we are in the 40's right now. at b.w.i. 48. we have a light east wind bringing in moisture. a hrelittle bit of fog and driz. the high this afternoon near 60. when we come back we will check the forecast through the holiday. first we will say good morning to sarah and see what is happening on the roads. >> good morning. some good news on the top side. we had an accident approaching the j.f.x. cleared. it looks like we are moving smoothly there. 54 miles an hour there in the outer loop at harrisburg expressway. over to the west side you are at 51. 795 good. we have a problem in reisterstown, police activity at 140 and cockies mill road. another spot that may be slick
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tyler avenue hilltop to presidents street in annapolis reports of a spill there. you want to use caution there. eight minutes on the inner loop from 795 to the 83's. 95 white marsh area good going away from us southbound traffic. we will switch to a live view 50 at sandy point and aside from the fact there are fog warnings still moving well through the toll plaza. that is the latest to,"traffic pulse 11." back to you. >> a female state corrections officer is found murdered in an east baltimore home. police believe the suspect may be tied it a barricade situation. kim dacey joins us at police headquarters with the details. >> city police say they have identified a person of interest in the shooting and he may also be connected to a barricade situation yesterday. it was just before 4:00 on
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sunday morning when police found 28-year-old sharon jones shot to death inside her friend's home in the 1700 block of aisquith street of baltimore. she was a maryland correctional officer who worked in baltimore city pretrial unit. police then went to her home on edgecomb to search for more clues and surrounded her apt and blocked -- apartment. >> when homicide detectives came to the location they saw some blood on the door and then had reason to believe that the individual was inside. at that point they contacted swat units. >> when police got inside no one was there so that person of interest remains on the run. police think jones may have known her killer but they are not commenting on what kind of relationship they might have had. reporting live at police headquarters, kim dacey. >> the search continues for whoever shot a man in southwest
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baltimore. police say the victim wandered into a bar on frederick avenue after being shot in the arm and shoulder. that was about 9:00 last night. he is being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. police identified two shooting victims from over the weekend. 29-year-old jerry thomas was killed friday night during triple shooting in the 1500 block of popular grove. 19-year-old carlton feldman was shot on swann avenue saturday. he died at a hospital. no arrests in either case. >> these as a new report lists baltimore as the 11th most dangerous city in the country. the report takes into account the murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor theft vehicle rates. last year baltimore was 12th. as a state maryland ranked eighth. the report lists colony, new york as the least dangerous. >> members of the baltimore city
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police force gathered it remember their fallen brethren. last night the vigil paid respect not just to officers who lost their lives this year but to remember all of those who have given their lives in the line of duty. >> it is to show solidarity and support and our commitment to their survivors, to their wives, sons, daughters and mothers, and friends left behind. >> the commissioner says he received advice of the vigil on how to cope with the recent deaths of three of his friends in the department. controversy continues over new airport security measures. now the t.s.a. seems to be giving up ground. kate amara joins us live from our washington bureau with more. >> good morning. the head of the t.s.a. says the screenings are part of an evolving program that is being refined to strike a balance between security and privacy. as america heads to the busiest
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travel day much the year the uproar continues over new security screening procedures. body scans and patdowns that are being called embarrassing and invasive. >> i don't want people to be inconvenienced but mainly i don't want them to be irradiated or sexually assaulted by t.s.a. agents. >> even hillary clinton said she would hesitate to submit to a patdown. >> not if i could avoid it. no, i mean who would. >> still clinton joined others in defending the methods. >> if we are to detect terrorists who have proven innovative and creative in their design and implementation of bombs that are going to blow up airplanes we have to do something that prevents that. >> in a statement the head of the t.s.a. says the program will be adapted as conditions warrant to make procedures as minimally invasive as possible. a shift in stance amid criticism that the new rules were not
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introduced properly. >> if they really believed this was a response to a genuine threat why not make the case to the american public ? >> the head of the t.s.a. has taken responsibility. he says they didn't publicize the policies enough but he departments want to provide the terrorists with a road map the way the t.s.a. operates. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the t.s.a. search methods have you rethinking air travel plans? e-mail your response to >> turning to sports, ravens fans got a little bit of everything yesterday against the carolina panthers. the first half was all about the offense as joe flacco lit up the carolina defense for 213 yards and 17-3 lead. in the second half the bulk of the scoring was the defense.
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in about 11 seconds time a pair of interceptions by ed reed and ray lewis put 14 points on the board and took the air out of bank of america tame. the final score baltimore 37 carolina 13. keith mills will have reaction to the game later in sports. >> it is 6:08 and 48 degrees on tv hill. coming up in the business report details on the new version of the ipad. >> they say a positive attitude is key to success. apparently that goes for a successful holiday shopping season as well. >> hundreds of officers and volunteers search the utah desert in pursuit of a suspect who shot a park ranger. >> more than 600 holiday trees, wreaths and gingerbread houses at the 21st annual festival of trees. a live report is coming up. >> we are looking at the morning commute. foggy as you start and we will
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>> a very good morning. 50 degrees downtown. suburbs in timonium some 40's out there. we have been in general above normal this month and that will continue today with a high of 60 and decreasing clouds as the day progresses. we are here live at the 21st annual festival of trees. they are getting ready for everything. it kicks off friday and lasts throughout the weekend. i'm here because it benefits an awesome cause.
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>> yes, our largest fund-raiser and the money is so necessary for new programs and new research. >> a big allure is the trees. they are all for sale. look at a couple decorated here. we have the treasuries of the chesapeake which is a lot of crab action and we have wings of hope which features butterflies. what else will we see? >> we have wreaths, gingerbread, entertainment every hour on the hour. we have a fabulous train garden. fabulous area for children, merry go rounds, face painting and moon bounces. you could spend the whole day in there. we have santa claus. if he had a theme park this would be it. we have 100 booths for people to buy early christmas gifts. >> that is early this year so you are kicking off next week. you have to get a good start on it. kicks off friday and takes place saturday and sunday as well.
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it has been going on 21 years. let's look at h.d. doppler. i mentioned low-level clouds. a little bit of drizzle as well but nothing significant. we will see decreasing clouds throughout the day which is nice. tony you were talking about milk shakes but that is a group, milk shake. >> i was going to apologize for misunderstanding that. i thought they served milk shakes while you walk around looking at christmas trees. >> they probably do. maybe some peppermint milk shakes but the group is milk shake. >> but peppermint milk shakes looking at trees is an awesome idea. i appreciate that. that will get but the holiday spirit. check out the beautiful trees there. 48 right now at the airport. 43 in parkton. we have some low clouds, fog and drizzle. we have rain on the other side
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of the mountains that will catch up to us tomorrow. we were picking up snow in the more than plains. there is arctic air sliding in out of canada. temperatures in the single digits and below zero in some places up north. two below in billings, montana. a chunk of that air will slide in here at the end of the week but now and then it is above normal. clouds, fog and drizzle early today and sun comes out this afternoon. high near 60. overnight partly cloudy and temps back into the 40's. we are heading in the busiest travel part of the year and i thought we would look around the country tomorrow in case you are getting out of tourney and you could pick your spot to see what is going on. on the east coast above average but it will rain in most locations. 63 in new york, 71 atlanta. dry and chilly in chicago, high near 41. 47 in denver, could be rain and snow in the rockies and cold in the pacific northwest with a high of 35 in seattle.
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here just the opposite. mild and after i tomorrow. chance of rain showers in the afternoon. 50's wednesday. thanks day pretty good chance of rain. high near 58. it will cool off at the end of the week, 40's, friday through sunday with the overnight lows in the 20's and could be lingering rain or snow showers friday for the big shopping day after thanksgiving. that is the seven-day. let's see what is happening on the roads with sarah. >> not bad out there aside from a little bit of fog in spots. 140 at cockeysville road police activity in reisterstown. then further south in annapolis a hazmat tyler avenue hilltop to president. so may be slick there. speed sensors not bad. 44 on the west side outer loop around 795. starting to get a little sluggish there. southbound 95 out of the northeast. j.f.x. great into town. no problems on 795.
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old court you see the fog there going away from us outer loop. that is where you are tapping the brakes. bay binge with fog warnings -- bay bridge with fog but no delays. that is the latest there. back to you. >> looking at some of the top stories, a manhunt is on for a person of interest in the case of a shooting of a park ranger in utah. a person is wanted for questioning in the case of the shooting. the officer was patrolling and was hit three times during a shootout. he was wearing a bulletproof vest but was critically injured. search teams found a rifle and blood bloody shirt. young remains it critical condition. three are dead after a small plane crashed into a bay in southern california. the plane crashed in upper newport harbor near los angeles. the pilot and a passengers were killed. their identities are not being
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released. the pilot apparently signalled he was having problems but federal officials are investigating what went wrong. winter came early to minneapolis with an ice storm that caused hundreds of accidents along roads that became ice rinks. the minnesota state patrol reports nearly 400 accidents by 8:00 a.m. sunday. one person was killed in a multi-car wreck with at least 60 more accidents involving injuries. residents are urged to stay home today as freezing precipitation can continue through the evening. >> in our consumer alert turkeys are not the only things getting bigger for thanksgiving. so are gas prices jumping almost five cents from two weeks ago. the national average for a gallon of regular is $2.87, 23 more than this time last year. here in maryland the average is up a cent compared to a week ago. experts say the increase is
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linked to demand during the slow economic recovery. if you want to save money you may want to hold off on shopping until you are in a good mood. a stoeudy shows if people don't feel good about themselves they are proned to splurge and pay for it on credit. they say plastic is a perfect stormor overspending. they recommend lefting it home and paying with cash. as time warner's harry potter series sets records they are looking to the next blockbuster hit and a new version of the ipad may be in the works. jane king has those stories in the bloomberg business report. >> if you have apple's ipad on the wish list analysts say apple may introduce a revamped ipad in the first half of next year. they say this one may be thinner and have a camera for video calling. production may start in january. with an unveiling by february or
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march. stocks higher friday despite china saying it would slow down its economy and gains for under armour. lockheed got a fourth contract to produce strike fighter jets from the pentagon. it is worth nearly $3.5 billion. time warner behind harry spotter series may need some of his magic by next summer. so far the series is bringing in a profit of nearly a billion with income from home video, merchandise and other products. bloomberg news says they are poised to duplicate that with success from up comicoming film based on the hobbit to help fill the void. back to you. >> retailers or offering all sorts of bargains but as you head out will the customer service measure up? we are putting retailers to the
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test. our i-team reporter explains. >> hopefully the service you received will be great but that was not always the case for the 11 news i-team's secret shopper. we sent her to more than a dozen stores in the baltimore area. she will make purchases and give us her opinion. >> they are getting a b, f. >> some places do very well. >> we were greeted from the seconds i walked in. >> one store doesn't measure up. >> i asked politely do you work here and he like shook his head and said what do you think? >> tonight at 11:00 the i-team's annual customer service test. which stores do the best and which ones don't live up to the secret shopper's expectations. >> 6:20 and 48 degrees. another check of weather and traffic. >> the ravens needed strong plays on both sides of the ball to get a needed win over carolina panthers. >> here is a look at last
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find out more at pnc. for the achiever in us all. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking the morning commute. there are a few things to watch for. reisterstown at 140 and cock kwry s mill road and indianapolis a spill that hazmat crews are
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responding to. fog warnings in effect at the bay bridge and 23 miles an hour is what we are seeing at sped sensor on the west side past 795. delays there with southbound 95 out of the northeast. we give you a live view of traffic near the west side at old court away from us outer loop traffic. a little foggy in this shot. same on i-70 west of the beltway. but no delays to report eastbound toward the west side. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." over to you, tony. >> the fog is the big deal this morning. it should burn off by late morning but now visibility is down so keep that in mind. there could be a little drizzle as well. temperatures in the upper 40's to around 50 degrees. further in the day the better. the clouds will break up and we will get sunshine this afternoon. we expect a high near 60 degrees. we will check the forecast for thanksgiving in a minute but
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first the man with the good news. keith mills. >> this year any win is a good win. ravens took care of business in charlotte sunday 37-13 beat the panthers. they jumped out to a big lead, hit a lull and finished strong as they go to 7-3. didn't take long for joe flacco and the offense to score. two plays in the first possession check out this pass from joe flacco right on the money to t.j. houshmandzadeh. 56 yards. 7-0. career catch number 600 for t.j. 20-6 in the fourth quarter. brian seen the peer -- brian st. pierre makes it interesting. david geddes and 88 yards and a lot of time left. 23-13. seen the pair up -- ain't spear up again and ed reed and cuts back and you know he is going to
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lateral. the question is to whom and where. it is to dawan lanerie. ravens win 37-13. >> we came out kind of flat second half and defense picked it up. that is what you want. if one phase is forth playing as good the other picks them up and the defense picked us up with two big interceptions for touchdowns and that pretty much did the game. >> play like this in the fourth quarter and close out is huge. coming off the l against atlanta we wanted to build on this and build on the season and play better and close out games. >> it was amazing. it was loud and the patented baltimore o was as loud as i ever heard. then around the tame and seeing the fans -- stadium and seeing the fans they were fired up. it was a baltimore stadium.
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>> between 20,000 and 30,000 ravens fans made the trip to charlotte. ravens play the bucs sunday at 4:15. rex ryan and the jets unbelievable finish against houston. meadowlands on sunday in new jersey. they built a big lead, watched matt schaub take the lead later on. 43-yard catch and run to make it 23-17. then arian foster, does he get in? the referees say yes. one-point texans lead. we will see it again. did he get in? you tell me. here is the play they are talking about. incredible jets finish. 16 seconds left. mark sanchez to braylon edwards and they let him get out of bounds with no time-outs. then the next play, 10 seconds left. . sanchez to santonio holmes. that is the winner. 3 30-27. eagles over the giants 27-17.
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can you believe that michael vick, no touchdowns and no touchdown runs. what is wrong with him? >> he is washed up. >> 6:27 and 48 degrees. much more in the next half hour. >> police are connecting the dots between a murder and barricade situation to help find the killer of a female corrections officer. that is next. >> a few problems on the roads but the fog could have the biggest impact. we will update you coming up. >> i'm checking out some spectacul spectacularly decorated holiday trees all for the 21st annual festival of trees in
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>> good morning, welcome back to "11 news today." i'm stan stovall. >> i'm mindy basara. meteorologist tony pann that ha quick look at the forecast. >> it be foggy to start, low clouds, drizzle. this afternoon the sun will break through and it will be a
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pretty decent day. we are in the 40's right now. we will check the forecast through the holidays in a few. >> our big story the search is on for the suspect behind the murder of a female state corrections officer. police believe the same person was involved in a standoff in a different part of the city. kim dacey joins us live from city police headquarters to explain. >> city police say they have identified a person of interest in the murder but are not releasing his nail. they think he might be connected with a barricade situation yesterday. just before 4:00 sunday morning police found 28-year-old sharon jones shot to death inside a hem in the 1700 block of aisquith street. >> it is terrible a shame what the world is coming to. >> jones was a maryland correctional officer who worked in baltimore city's pretrial unit. investigators say her body was found inside a friend's home in east baltimore. later in the day they went back to her home on edgecombe circle
6:32 am
in west baltimore to search for more clues. >> when homicide detectives came they saw some blood on the door and then had reason to believe the individual was inside. at that point they contacted swat units. >> police blocked the streets surrou surrounding jones' apartment but when they went in no one was there. some neighbors say they think they know the person police are looking for and they are shocked by the potential connection. >> you see him and he jokes with you. he was not the type of guy you would think would could this. i hope everything was all right and i hope he didn't do what i think he did. >> police think jones may have known her killer but are not commenting on what possible relationship they could have had. >> a corrections officer at carroll county detention center is it stable condition after being attacked by an inmate. dennis jennings jr. tried to
6:33 am
attack sean davis with a chair and beat him with his fists. he was treated for severe facial injuries. jennings now faces additional charges including assault and battery. >> a missing baltimore teenager has been found dead in massachusetts. investigators identified the body they found in milton as that of delvone it's detail. he was missing a week after his stepsister said he ran away from their new home in north carolina following a fight with his father. >> authorities have made an arrest in the murder of a man whose body was found in a cardboard box on the side of i-70 in treurbg. marvin palencia was arrested without incident at his home saturday afternoon. he is charged with first degree murder in the death of jacobo vasquez of washington. his body was found in a box on westbound i-70 near frederick. there is no word on what
6:34 am
prompted the shooting. >> still no worded on what caused a two alarm fire in canton. where two businesses and another building in the 800 block of south montford avenue were damaged. it took crews about a half hour to control the situation. one was taken to the hospital to be treated for burns. >> sarah caldwell tracking the morning commute. looks like fog will be a issue this morning as we see it starting to fill up some area roads. we want to show you problem spots we are attatracking. possible closures due to a spill along tyler avenue between hilltop and president in the indianapolis area. hazmat crews were called there. fog warnings in effect at bay bridge. 97 running smoothly north and southbound but we are looking at delays on the west side, 18 miles an hour in the outer loop approaching 795 toward i-70.
6:35 am
southbound 795 backed up down toward the beltway and southbound 95 out of the northeast 36 miles an hour there. here is a live view of traffic. we will show you it is foggy on the west side as they slow down on the northwest corner. we go to a very foggy situation on the harrisburg expressway in the parkton region. away from us is southbound. no delays but lacking at fog. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." now we want the latest from sandra shaw at the timonium fair grounds getting us in the holiday spirit. >> the festival of trees is going on for 21 years, 21st anniversary. more than 600 trees, wreaths, gingerbread houses. lloyd, we have a chris as it treat here behind us. what is that? >> we do. this is o christmas tree designed by dawn and a giant ice cream cone. >> tony was talking about milk shakes earlier so we can talk
6:36 am
about an ice creel cone and we have a green tree. what is this? >> this is like a cartoon tree out of fabric and design bid todd. >> every year it gets more creative and there is a very fierce competition with this. >> it is and we are thrilled to be part of it for the 21st year in a row. >> it is a great cause and 40,000 people came out last year. so it is vastly popular. it kicks off on friday. it will last throughout the weekend. it has a lot going on and huge kids area, santa claus and it is an amazing time to kick off the holiday season. check it out. 21 years going strong. let's look at the seven-day forecast and check out the weekends with. it looks like we will be dry in the weekend but colder. in the 40's as we head friday on and we have our shot of showers on thanks day. that is it for now. back to you two.
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>> a new book from good housekeeping called drop five pounds reveals not knowing the right portion size is a downfall. you could be taking in hundreds of extra calories and not realize it. good housekeeping has come up with a visual guide to retrain your brain on how much is enough. for example you should eat half a cup of pasta which is like the size after dennis ball instead of a half cup of salad dressing two tablespoons or what you get in a shot glass. bagels should be no larger than a size of a woman's compact and three ounces of protein which is about the size of an i-feign. >> can you get it book for free because we on the morning crew have five copies to give away. you can enter for a chance to win a free copy of drop five pounds. we have a link to enter on the facebook page. >> starting tomorrow morning we will announce a winner here on news news. if you win you need to cull us
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by 5:00 p.m. that day to claim the prize. >> we will keep it going every day until friday. rules are on >> it could be a helpful guide. it is 6:37. coming up one police department's newest canine crew doesn't measure up but she is making a big splash. >> we are taking answers to our water cooler question of the day. do the new t.s.a. search phefrpts have you rethinking air travel plans? e-mail
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>> the holiday season has kicked
6:41 am
off in chicago billed as the largest holiday event in the country the magnificent mile lights festival in chicago took to the streets complete with a parade, phroets and fireworks. every year the 200 trees that line michigan avenue are lined with more than one million lights. it is estimated about a million people came out to watch this year's festivities. >> you think of a police dog you think of a sturdy canine whose imposing presence strikes fear in the hearts of criminals. this is the newest recruit in we were japan and she is not looking intimidating but has a nose for the job. in addition to being used as drug sniffer she will help rescue efforts in confined spaces and is the first chihuahua to join any police force in japan in 50 years. good luck to momo. >> it is 6:41. 48 depress. coming up we will look at the morning headlines.
6:42 am
>> a foggy start. >> if you have big friends you can act big. weatherwise things are pretty quiet except the fog and drizzle. we have better news and we will talk about that and check the seven-day in a few minutes. we are socked in with fog. 48 at the airport. weather
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6:44 am
>> in the headlines the search continues for whoever shot a man in southwest baltimore. the victim wandered into a bar after being shot in the arm and shoulder on collins avenue. that was about 9:00 last night. he is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. ravens fans got a little bit of everything yesterday against the panthers. after racking up 213 yards and
6:45 am
17 points the first half it was the defense that took the reins in the second half. a pair of interceptions courtesy of ed reed and ray lewis made it 37-13. as america heads to the busiest travel day of the year the uproar continues over new airport screening procedures that are called embarrassing and invasive. the obama administration is defending the patdowns and body scans saying they must strike a balance between privacy and security. head of t.s.a. says while no policy changes are imminent the agency will work to make methods as minimally invasive as possible. that brings us to the answers to the water cooler question of the day. do the new methods are you rethinking plans. derrick says i will not change my travel plans to fly. i realize why we have to undergo the extreme measures for safety. i just wish they didn't have a
6:46 am
body scanner because it is an invasion of privacy. >> the simple fact that security has been acceptstepped up to x- and body searchs scares me enough to not fly. that is why they call it terrorism. >> janet says i'm thinking of avoiding flying. i'm not sure which is more embarrassing the full body or hands on. i understand the need for security but metal detectors are invasive enough. maybe flying is too friendly. i think i will take the train. we will post more answers on the front page of the website. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking the morning commute. it is a foggy start. it may slow you down a bit. there is an accident on northbound route 10 approaching the beltway. annapolis along tyler avenue hilltop and president a spill there. hazmat crews are there attending to it.
6:47 am
fog warnings at the bay bridge and another area it watch. route 140 main street reisterstown police activity and delays forming on the west side outer loop and southbound 795 and i-95 toward the beltway northeast. 15 minutes to get through the west side. everything else pretty good. let's show you a couple of spots top side bel air northeast corner without delay but building in volume. live view of traffic in the parkton region southbound on the harrisburg expressway and looks like it is starting to develop a delay. perhaps fog related. that is the latest on "traffic pulse 11." now the latest with sandra shaw at the timonium fair grounds previewing the festival of trees. >> more than 600 trees, wreaths and gingerbread houses and they do the trees and also the other decorations. >> that is right. we do all of the but we're thrilled about this particular
6:48 am
tree thflt is have your self a merry little picnic. >> the star is made out of ketchup cups and we have cheeseburgers, hot dogs, ketchup, mustard. >> everything from an ice cream cone to the basic holiday celebration with the have yourself a merry little picnic. >> it is a great cause and we are thrilled to be part of the festival of trees for the 21st year. >> 21 years is unbelievable. great place for kids, group milk shake will be here and santa claus. it kicks off friday and lasts all weekends long. the other cool thing is all the trees are for sell so maybe you want to buy this have yourself a merry little picnic and take it home. we will look at doppler. not doing a very good job of showing fog but there are low-level clouds, maybe a little bit of drizzle. there is moisture in the atmosphere and the forecast
6:49 am
calls for decreasing clouds, sun break this afternoon. so far so good. tony, we have been keeping up with the fad theme. peck in this case and -- picnics and cheese burg burger streaks. >> stan said do you take the tree or what? jurors they actually deliver it so it is pretty much intact and not disassembled. that is part of the allure t. is done. >> if you are going to pay and put it back together that with defeat part of the purpose. >> pretty much. >> it will be more like christmas at the end of the week. colder and in the short term we will go the other direction. mid 60's by tomorrow afternoon. today will be kind of a transition day for us. we start murky with low clouds, fog and drizzle and temperatures in the 40's.
6:50 am
by it afternoon that will break up and we will get some sunshine. we will watch a system to the west. those rain showers will catch us tomorrow afternoon. there is even snow in the northern plains and seriously arctic air spilling in out of southern canada. a clunk of that air is what will slide over toward us. in the short terminal it will be mild. mixture of clouds and sunshine with the clouds, fog and drizzle early then a little sun this afternoon. high near 60. overnight tonight partly cloudy and temperatures will drop back in the 40's. sunset at 4:47. we are going into the two busiest travel days of the year so i thought we would look around the country tomorrow and if you are traveling tuesday pick your spot there. you see what is going on. east coast mild but wet. 63 in new york, 71 atlanta. dry and chilly in chicago with a high near 41. denver could be rain or snow.
6:51 am
dry in seattle after snow yesterday. it will be cold with a high of 35 there. 61 in l.a. with a chance of rain. mild tomorrow but most likely wet. rain showers in the afternoon with a high near 65. back down to 55 on wednesday but it should be dry. rain showers on thanksgiving day. there could be some lingering rain on friday but it will turn cold are with temperatures in the 40's over the weekend and overnight lows in the 20's. >> a state corrections officer was found dead yesterday and police are searching for whoever is responsible. kim dacey joins us live from city police headquarters with the story. >> police say they have a person of interest in the deadly shooting and they think he may be connected to a barricade situation yesterday. it was just before 4:00 yesterday morning when police found 28-year-old sharon jones shot to death inside her friends
6:52 am
home in the 1700 block of aisquith street. she was a maryland correctional officer who worked in baltimore city pretrial unit. after her body was discovered police went to jones's home in west baltimore to search for more clues and found blood on the door and thought somebody was barricaded inside. they surrounded her apartment and blocked off streets. when they finally got inside no one was there. police think jones may have known her killer but they have not commented on what possible relationship they could have had. back to you. >> coming up later on oprah one more deserving audience and magical you are a. the final favorite things is biggest and grandest ever at 4:00. and visit our website,, to look at the favorite things that some of your favorite wbal tv personalities have. now here is matt lauer.
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>> coming up, will any changes be made to the new airport screening procedures as millions get set to fly for the thanksgiving holiday? we will ask the head of the t.s.a. and the jaw bonn on the beach -- jaw bone on the beach in aruba be the jaw of natalie hallow way. a bride to be paralyzed after her friend playfully threw her in a pool. she will share the story. on a lighter note a live concert from bruno mars. that and much more on "the today show." >> it is 6:53 and 48 degrees. we will look at weather and traffic before you head out.
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>> a very good monday morning to you. the 21st annual festival of trees taking place this weekend at the timonium fair grounds. i'm live and it will be bigger and better than ever with more than relieve trees, wreaths and sjeng are bread houses. a blast every year. as far as the temperatures go, it is a little chilly this morning with some fog and drizzle. 48 at the airport. 50 downtown. it will warm up to maybe decreasing clouds this afternoon to about offensive degrees. improving weather conditions throughout the day. festival of trees kicks off friday so come out and check out the action. be sure to go to and click on the website for more information on u-local. >> for the record i knew the
6:57 am
trees were delivered intact. tony was trying to make me think i didn't. >> it would be funny if it said some assembly required after you spent $600. seven-day forecast fog, drizzle and low visibility will burn off and it may start out murky but this afternoon it will turn out to be nice with a high near 60. 65 tomorrow with a chance of rain and showers on tpraeufgs day. we will start out way above normal temperaturewise by the end of the week more normal. >> i forgot, don't forget when you get in the car to tune in into am 1090 where you get weather and traffic. i get in trouble if i don't say that. >> fog likes like it is creating problems. eastbound 40 i think maniside avenue catonsville. eastern 54th all lanes closed and live view at york road hose it is very foggy. >> thanks for joining us. >> live updates in 25.
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